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Shoukat Ali Matoi's Bio & Family

Birthday 04 November 1962
Birthday Place Matoi, District Sangrur, Punjab, India
Father’s Name Abdul Majid Khan
Mother’s Name Bibi Basira
Brother Abdul Sataar, Sadiq Ali,Mustakh Ali, Gulzar Ali, Sardar Ali
Sister Jamila
Wife Bibi Rasida
Son Abid Hussain (Munna)
Grandson Rizwan

Shoukat Ali's Family

Family Background:

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There was already a music atmosphere in his house, the effect of which was to be up to Matoi Sahib. His ancestors were very good singers in their time. The name of Shokat Ali sahib’s Grandfather Ustad Chanan Khan comes first among those who sang in the family. He was a high-ranking classical singer and quite famous throughout the area. After this Matoi’s father Abdul Majid Khan pursued this musical training. When Shoukat sahib see his father and grandfather singing in his childhood, there was a hobby of singing in his mind too. Seeing his same hobby, his father started music training at home. When Shoukat sahib was in third fourth class, he started singing.

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Musical Training: After getting the basic study of music in the house, fond of something new is going on your mind. To achieve this, he contact with Bakur Husain Khan which were from Patiala house.From the Ustaad, he took education of classical music. From here he got the training of Gajal ,Thumri along with classical music. After this, he have the desire to learn Sufi singing in his mind. After this he met Mohammad Sharif Qawwal.He stayed with Mohammad Sharif for 10 years. After this he adopted Qawwali and achieved a special rank in the whole world. The training of music was done very well and he earned the name of moving forward.

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Beginning of Family Life:  When his parents saw that he have been responsible then he tied it in the bond of marriage with Rasida. She was also related to music family. his wife also gave him a lot of support. A son was born in his house named Abid Hussain (Munna). His wife said goodbye to the world on 26 February 2014. He was deeply shocked by the death of his wife. His son also associated with music.

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Contribution as a Radio and Television artist:

Shoukat Ali Matoi has been serving his time for the promotion of music for a long time. You also worked as a radio and television artist and delivered the magic of your voice to the audience. On 29 March 1979, you were given B grade artist and on 01 Jun 1995 you were promoted to B High Grade artist, your frequent radio programs have been broadcasting. Many of your programs have been broadcast from Jalandhar Doordarshan. Apart from this, you presented Qawwali from DD Hisar. In the PTC channel program The Master of Sitare Punjab De, the Qawalli program has been running for several days. You played the role of guest Judge in the Voice of Punjab Season – 6, conducted by PTC channel.

Playback Singer : Shaukat Ali Ji has contributed a lot to the Punjabi Music Industry as Sufiyana singer but you have a good playback singer. You sang songs in Punjabi Films like Sheed e Mohabbat, Pind Di Kudi, Dil Pardesi Ho gya, Sareek, Rab da Radio, Sardar Mohammad and spread the magic of voice to the audience and they were very liked. Apart from this, you also sang as a playback singer in TV Serial like Amar Khalsa, Dane Anar De, Maharaja Ranjeet Singh and Dharam De Chadar.

Shoukat Ali Matoi's Recordings:

As you did stage performance in a big count, your cassette and CD too came in the market.In 1990, a cassette Ishq Bda Sultan released by Top Ten company. After this Shiv Music Touch company released cassette named Peeran ne Meri Bah Fad Laye which was very liked in music world. After this Sahiba Teri Jat Badi, Kadri Mundran, Main Fakeer hu Tumhara named cassettes were came in the market.

Shoukat Ali Matoi's Music Compositions

Shoukat Ali Matoi is not only a singer but also a music composition. He have been made Music Composition of Sufi Kalam which are as under:

  • Ye to Karam bas unka hai meri nhi Koi apni ada
  • Mera ho gya suhagna ch Na
  • Yaar Aasade
  • Asan Tere Naal Laye
  • Nazara lena Isqe da
  • Kar Bidar Ali Da subah sam sohniya
  • Aaja sohiniya Dilan de vich vasiye
  • Aaj paouni aa Malanga ne dhamal
  • kdi ve na chaki talwar moula ali di
  • Aaja ve aaja mahi ve

Shoukat Ali Matoi's Awards

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Mega International award – 1994 UK

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan award 2003 from Chardikala Group of Publications, Dhuri

Ustad Slamat Ali award 2005 from Lok Bhalai Manch village Kalsian

Special award 2005, by darbar Baba Sami sah Shamchourasi, Husiarpur

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan award 2008 by Music Lovers Phillor

Special Sanmman 2008 by Malwa heritage foundation Bathinda

Life Time Achivement Award 2010 by Mahinga Ram Arora (Chairman) Sham chourasi Husiarpur

Fourth yearly sanmaan smaroh 2014 by Punjabi Sath Jarg

Special Samaan Valvle 2014 by Ismit Singh Music Institute Ludhiana

Special Samaan Sangeet Utsav 2014 by Sangit Sabha Pathankot (Regd)

Mirchi Music Award 2015 by PTC Chennal

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Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Seva Samaan 2015 by Riaz Fans Club, Madhya Pradesh

Rooh Punjab Di award by Lok Sath Sabhiyachark kla Manch, Ludhiana

The Disciple:

  • Firoz khan
  • Lovejeet
  • Aabid Hussain (Munna)
  • Slamat Ali
  • Sukhi Khan


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